Unrestricted Scholarships for Deserving Students

When you give to unrestricted scholarships, you create opportunities for deserving students who might not be able to afford a college education and allow the university to recruit the best and brightest students.

These gifts give the university—and yourself—maximum flexibility to help students: unrestricted scholarship donations go where they are most needed at any given time, whether it be for need- or merit-based awards. Because this is a general scholarship fund, it gives our Office of Financial Aid the flexibility to use your generosity in the way that’s most needed at any given time. The nature of the award may vary depending upon the needs of the student. For instance, funds may be used to help those middle-income students whose families don’t qualify for federal assistance but still need a helping hand with college expenses. Or, they may be used to close the gap between financial assistance and financial need for another student who might not be able to attend college without this help.
Providing access to education through scholarships is increasingly important, as you assist students in realizing their dreams and reaching their fullest potentials. You can give an annual gift to unrestricted scholarships, or create an endowed scholarship that will support students far into the future. 
Your gifts to unrestricted scholarships not only provide financial support for our students’ educations, but they are also an investment in their futures. With your help we can help students imagine new possibilities today and set a course for their coming success.

For more information, you may contact Ben Underwood, Associate Vice Chancellor for Advancement Operations, at 828.251.6016 or at bunderwo@unca.edu.