Student Scholarships

Making an exceptional education possible for deserving students.

Scholarships are our greatest need and a special way for you to make a direct impact on a student's life. 

Scholarships open tremendous doors for students like recent biochemistry and philosophy major Kyle Cavagnini (above), who is one of three Class of 2014 Fulbright Scholars. Kyle will spend his year as a Fulbright Scholar in Norway as a researcher at the K.G. Jebsen Center for the Study of Neuropsychiatric Disorders at the University of Bergen. Employing techniques and knowledge he acquired during undergraduate research at UNC Asheville, Cavagnini will test a hypothesis on the chemical regulation of a brain protein that may have a role in cognition and neuropathic disorders including Alzheimer’s disease.

"Scholarships gave me the freedom to pursue my academic goals with fewer financial concerns," Kyle says. "I hope that my work can lead to greater understanding of the Alzheimer’s disease."

Your support of scholarships helps UNC Asheville close the gap between a student's financial aid and financial need, which in turn allows the university to attract and aid the most talented and well-deserving students. 

UNC Asheville Scholarships Create Opportunities

  • 45 Fulbright Scholars from UNC Asheville have studied and taught in countries from the United Kingdom to South Korea.
  • More than 60% of UNC Asheville student-athletes earned a spot on the Big South Presidential Honor Roll.
  • 55% of students on campus are eligible for financial aid.

You can give to specific scholarships or the University Excellence Fund, which allows the university to serve the areas of the highest priority including providing need-based and merit scholarships for deserving students.

If you are a student seeking scholarship funding, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at or 828.251.6535.