Search Committee

The Vice Chancellor for University Advancement Search Committee is comprised of 16 members:

  • Mr. Taylor Durall, Junior, Class of 2021                                    
  • Ms. Leslie Casse, Foundation Board, Community Leader                              
  • Ms. Janet Cone, Director of Athletics & University Enterprises         
  • Mr. Johnny Davis, Community Leader 
  • Ms. Kenya Edwards, Chair, Alumni Association Board of Directors
  • Dr. Catherine Frank, Director of OLLI 
  • Dr. Lei Han, Faculty, New Media                                                              
  • Mr. Richard J. Lutovsky, Chair, Board of Trustees, ex-officio                                     
  • Dr. Susan Clark Muntean, Faculty, Management & Accountancy     
  • Mr. Mike Roach, Past Chair, Alumni Association Board of Directors                              
  • Ms. Susan Shanor, Community Leader                                                   
  • Mr. Brent Skidmore, Faculty, Art & Art History                                   
  • Ms. Pat Smith, Past Chair, Board of Trustees, Community Leader     
  • Dr. Sally Wasileski, Faculty, Chemistry                                                             
  • Dr. Darin Waters, Executive Director of Community Engagement, Faculty, History  
  • Dr. Nancy J. Cable, UNC Asheville Chancellor

The Vice Chancellor for Advancement Search Committee will have the final accountability to recommend the top 1, 2, or 3 ranked or unranked candidates to the Chancellor who will consult with the UNC Asheville Board of Trustees for the final choice. This search committee is configured to allow for four faculty, three staff, one student, four community leaders, two alumni, one trustee (ex officio) and the Chancellor to be highly engaged in the search process for this vitally important leadership position. AGB Search consultants Dr. Rod McDavis, Kimberly Templeton, and Jim Lanier will assist in our search efforts.