National Parents Council

The Parents Council is an active and enthusiastic group of parents whose purpose is to involve UNC Asheville parents in campus and regional activities that promote the University, enrich their students' college experience, nurture student career opportunities, support the financial needs of the University, and make the university process a positive one for all involved.  

The Council meets twice a year on campus with the Chancellor, academic leaders and senior administration; hosts summer events for incoming students and parents as requested; acts as ambassadors for the University by connecting future UNC Asheville students in their home communities; and spreads the word about UNC Asheville! 

Parents make leadership annual gifts to be part of this select group on campus. You can learn more about the Council by calling Sallie Broach at 828-232-2407.

Council Members

Lisa and Mark Knollman, ​C​o-​C​hairs
Christopher Knollman '19
​Asheville, NC​

Randy & Becky Beaty
Sean Beaty '09
Troy Beaty '19
Marvin, NC

Derrick Boone
Mattie Boone '18
Jake Boone '19
Clemmons, NC

Kim & Scott Boyles
Nicholas Boyles '18
Clemmons, NC

Lisa and Jim Brueggemann
Christiana Brueggemann​ '19
Davidson, NC​

James Burns & Renee Roux
James Burns '18
Clemson, SC

David and Libby Freedman
Gary Freedman​ '18
Winston Salem, NC​

Lisa & Jim Gallaher
Lissette Gallaher '19
Winston-Salem, NC

Lynne Harlan
Watson Harlan '19
Cherokee, NC

Brian and Renee Kelly
Caroline Kelly '19
Charlotte, NC

Chris and Mark Lenderman
Jake Lenderman '21

Anita and Bo Lossiah
Drew (Andrew Edward Johnson) '21

Orlando Nieves & Brunilda Lugo
Orlando Nieves-Lugo '19
Biltmore Lake, NC

Copland and Steve Rudolph
Bow '21

Susan Thomas
Dylan Weinert '19
Alexander, NC

Glenda & Clint Weinert
Dylan Weinert '19
Alexander, NC

Ex-Officio Members

Dr. Joseph Urgo, Interim Chancellor

Dr. Bill Haggard, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Sallie Broach, Major Gift​s​ Officer