Honor Your Roots: The Commencement Sapling Project

Wherever you put down roots,
UNC Asheville will be with you.

Whether you are a graduating student or you have a loved one graduating from UNC Asheville, a commemorative sapling is a unique and special way to remember and honor the special journey that takes place here at UNC Asheville.

Graduating Bulldogs can take a little bit of UNC Asheville with them after graduation with a special white oak or red maple sapling, to be planted wherever the journey takes them next.

“In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike. And no two journeys along the same path are alike.” -Paulo Coelho

These trees, grown by our students from the very trees they sat under, walked through, or perhaps climbed in on campus, are two of Western North Carolina’s hardiest and most beautiful species, reflecting our students’ own resilience and maturity as they graduate. As our graduating Bulldogs and their sapling continue to grow, wherever they may be, the tree will be a living memento of their time here at UNC Asheville.

To receive a UNC Asheville sapling at Commencement, graduates or their loved ones will help another UNC Asheville student thrive and grow by donating $20.19 to student scholarships through UNC Asheville’s Pisgah Scholars Program. Quantities are limited.