If you have questions, we want to answer them. Refer to some of our frequently asked questions below or send us an email at giving@unca.edu.

Why do we solicit money every year?
Private support allows UNC Asheville students to receive a top-quality liberal arts education. Annual gifts to the university strengthen academic programs, support undergraduate research and provide scholarships for our students. Annual gifts also boost the value of a UNC Asheville degree: College guides such as U.S. News & World Report consider alumni participation in giving as a metric in their rankings.

Doesn’t the state provide funding for the university?
The state of North Carolina is UNC Asheville’s largest donor, providing about 43% of the operating budget (2013 figures). In order to keep tuition low while still providing excellent educational opportunities, the university relies on private contributions to help close the funding gap.

Is my gift tax deductible?
Yes, in most cases financial gifts are tax deductible up to the full value. We will send you a receipt to acknowledge your gift and provide a document for tax filings.

I paid tuition. Why should I give UNC Asheville more money?
When you make a gift, you are ensuring future generations have access to the same opportunities you did. Currently the university receives 23% of its operating budget from tuition and fees. It’s the generosity of alumni, friends, parents and community members that allows UNC Asheville to make up the difference and provide a truly rewarding education to our students.

When you or your child was on campus, you benefited from the generosity of others. Now, you can share that gift with the next generation.