Environmental Sustainability

Doing all we can for our planet.

UNC Asheville has woven sustainability into all we do. From our facilities to curriculum to leadership, sustainablity is ingrained in the fabric of UNC Asheville and it shows. UNC Asheville is 28% more energy efficient than the average N.C. state agency as measured by BTUs per square foot of buildings.

The campus features ground-source heating and cooling systems, solar thermal systems, an integrated digital control system that moderates peak energy consumption on campus, native landscaping, rainwater harvesting, and “gray” water loops to reuse wastewater. 

The university now has its first director of sustainability and a strong interdisplinary Environmental Studies Program. The innovative program prepares students for graduate studies or for careers in government, education, industry, consulting and nonprofit organizations. 

UNC Asheville's Student Environmental Center is an active community resource dedicated to improving policy and efficiency standards, and to the promotion of environmental literacy and awareness on and off campus. 

With the generous gift of Dr. Charles T. McCullough, Jr. and his wife Shirley, UNC Asheville recently launched the McCullough Institute for Conservation, Land Use and Environmental Resiliency. Strategically aligned with the university's National Environmental Modeling & Analyisis Center, the McCullough Institute will help research and solve some of the nation's most challenging environmental issues, while providing our students with the environmental skills and experience they need to succeed in the future. 

Your gift to support environmental sustainability efforts empowers UNC Asheville to continue to be a model for environmental, economic and social sustainability.