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What is UNC Asheville Day of Giving?

Starting at noon on April 21, we are launching the first-ever UNC Asheville Day of Giving. We’re asking the UNC Asheville community to come together for 24 hours in support of our Bulldog family as we strive to reach our goal of 500 donors.

We need your help to raise vital funds in support of our students. Become a Day of Giving Advocate and increase your impact today!

Questions? Contact Emma Anderson, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, at


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GIVECAMPUS 101: Signing up as an Advocate

We’ve provided step-by-step instructions for signing up as a GiveCampus advocate, as well as tips for creating your plea video and sharing it on social media

GiveCampus Screenshot

Step 1: Create Your GiveCampus Account

  • Visit

  • From a phone, click on the “Sign Up” link in the upper right corner of your screen

  • Select “Sign up with Facebook” to auto-fill your information and profile picture or complete the requested fields to create your account

  • You will receive an email to confirm your GiveCampus account

GiveCampus Screenshot

Step 2: Navigate to the Advocate Tab

  • Return to

  • Scroll down to the “About” section of the page and

  • Click the arrow on the right side of the screen to expand options


GiveCampus Screenshot

Step 3: Share Your Unique Link

  • Click on the “Advocate” tab

  • Select any of the “Share with your Network” buttons to copy your unique Day of Giving tracking link


Step 4: Track Your Impact

  • Share early. Share often. And watch as you inspire others to learn more about UNC Asheville Day of Giving and make a gift

Increase Your Impact

Offer a Match or Challenge

  • Matching Gift: A match can be set up as matching $X per donor OR $X per $1 donated. For example, “Anna Anderson is matching $20 per donor up to $400” OR “Ben Baker is matching $2 per $1 donated up to $1,000″ in support of UNC Asheville Day of Giving

  • Challenge Gift: A challenge is set up in such a way that a donor will give $X if Y number of donors give OR the donor will give $X if $Y is donated. For example, “Charlie Cromer will give $10,000 if 300 donors give” OR ”Denise Duffy will give $10,000 if $100,000 is donated” in support of UNC Asheville Day of Giving.

GiveCampus Screenshot

Create a Personal Plea Video

  • Keep it short: Aim for 30-45 seconds.

  • Make it Personal: Connect with your audience and tell them why you are supporting the next generation of UNC Asheville students.

  • Include an Ask: Make your request simple (to make a gift of any size in support of UNC Asheville Day of Giving).

Share, Share, Share, Gif

What next?

Share your unique link with your network via social media, text message, and/or email.

Every day, we receive hundreds of messages through various communication channels and advertisements. We rely on advocates to help cut through that noise.

By sharing UNC Asheville Day of Giving with your network, you are playing a key role in our collective success. Remember – share early and share often.

Thank you for supporting the next generation of UNC Asheville students!

Plea Video + Sharing Tips

Camera Icon

Filming Tips


  • Audio is important: Choose a quiet location to film so that your voice will be heard with no distracting background noise.

  • Keep the camera steady: If using your phone and filming yourself, use both hands to grip it and keep your elbows close to your body for more stability.

  • Hold your phone horizontally: If filming with your phone, hold it horizontally and not vertically.

  • Use good light: Natural light is best, so go outside if you can. A cloudy day is perfect for filming outside. If filming inside, light up the room as much as possible or film next to a sunny window. The more light, the less grainy your footage will be.

  • Frame your shot: Film at eye-level or slightly above.

  • Wear Bulldog Blue: Share your Bulldog pride in your video by wearing a UNC Asheville shirt.

Phone Icon

Sharing Tips


  • Share often! Social media algorithms love new content.

  • Use your network. Reach out to fellow alumni, friends, and UNC Asheville fans. People can’t donate if they don’t know to donate!

  • Prioritize Facebook. While it might not be the most “hip” platform these days, it is the most used platform for philanthropy. People are accustomed to making donations on Facebook.

  • Keep it short: Most people won’t read three paragraphs, so make sure you can sum up your goal in a few sentences.

  • Mix it up. Adjust your language, tell stories, share photos/videos. Make people want to come along with you on this journey.

Additional Resources

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We know you share our core belief that uplifting and supporting others is paramount to creating a brighter future. Thank you for serving UNC Asheville as a Day of Giving Advocate!


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