Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

Empowering hometown students to succeed at UNC Asheville and in the workforce.

Established in 1997, AVID is a nationally respected college readiness program that supports students who clearly show potential but who do not have either the financial support or the social structure in their lives to further their education beyond high school. Asheville City Schools has a 14-year track record of success with AVID, thanks in large part to the support of The City of Asheville, Mission Hospital and the University of North Carolina at Asheville.

Asheville City School AVID Participants:

  • Have 100% college application and 90% acceptance rates, which are higher than AVID national averages.
  • Maintain a consistent median GPA score of 3.1.
  • Are more civically and socially engaged than their peers.

Now UNC Asheville is bringing AVID to our campus, and with it, the opportunity for more students to further their education and opportunities in life. As the first, and only, university with an AVID Higher Education program in North Carolina, UNC Asheville will offer new academic support services designed to help ensure the success of first-generation college students and those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. UNC Asheville has received two generous grants to support our becoming an AVID Higher Education Campus. These will meet program needs, rather than funding student scholarships.

Your gifts to the AVID Scholarship Program will help us focus first on students in our own hometown. This program will initially serve the financial needs of deserving Asheville City School AVID Scholar graduates who will benefit from a UNC Asheville education. The scholarship program covers the full cost of attendance after other forms of financial aid have been applied, while also providing an academic structure for student success. 

UNC Asheville AVID Scholars will contribute to the program by serving as Admissions Ambassadors, by tutoring Asheville City School students and by maintaining a satisfactory GPA. They must meet all course requirements with mandatory participation in structured catalyst groups and learning laboratories, which increase retention and graduation rates.

Your gifts to the AVID Scholarship Program will help make local students' dreams for a UNC Asheville education possible.

To learn more about how you can support the AVID Scholarship Program, please contact Sallie Broach, Leadership Gifts Officer, at 828.232.2407 or