Alumni Association Board of Directors Members

Alumni Association Board of Directors

UNC Asheville’s Alumni Association Board of Directors serves to provide counsel to the Chancellor and other university officials, as appropriate, in matters relating to alumni and their lifelong relationship with the university. Additionally, the Board brings both resources and advocacy to the University from alumni and friends of UNC Asheville.

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Steve Tuttle

Steve Tuttle, Class of 1981
Board Chair, Nominating Committee, Philanthropy Committee


Cortland Mercer

Cortland Mercer, Class of 2011
Outgoing Board Chair, Nomination Committee Chair, Student Committee


Mark Dann

Mark Dann, Class of 1996
Alumni Connections Committee Chair


Vance Goodman

Vance Goodman, Class of 2005
Secretary, Philanthropy Committee, Nominating Committee


Michael Raymond
Michael Raymond, Class of 2014
Philanthropy Committee Chair


Cindy Appleby
Cindy Appleby, Class of 1994
Student Engagement Chair


Alan Coxie

Alan Coxie, Class of 1997
Philanthropy Committee


Paul Fanning

Paul Fanning, Class of 1993
Philanthropy Committee


David Greene

David Greene, Class of 1998
Student Committee


Andrew Heath

Andrew Heath, Class of 2003
Alumni Connections Committee


Rachel Prather Chen

Rachel Chen, Class of 2010
Alumni Connections Committee, Nominating Committee


Heather Quinn
Heather Quinn
, Class of 1996
Alumni Connections Committee


Lisa Rigsbee
Lisa Riggsbee
, Class of 2015
Philanthropy Committee


Cynthia Shah-Khan
Cynthia Shah-Khan
, Class of 1994
Alumni Connections Committee


Stephanie Watkins-Cruz

Stephanie Watkins-Cruz, Class of 2015
Alumni Connections Committee, Nominating Committee


Virgina Haynes

Virginia Haynes, Class of 1982
Student Committee


Tim Hussey

Tim Hussey, Class of 2018
Student Committee, Nominating Committee


Rosy McGillan

Rosy McGillan, Class of 1992
Student Committee


Kelly Pierce

Kelly Pierce, Class of 1980
Student Committee


Liz Torres Melendez

Liz Torres Melendez, Class of 2018
Alumni Connections Committee


Shoshana Fried Barton

Shoshana Fried Barton, Class of 2008
Philanthropy Committee


Staff Liaisons

Michael McNamee

Michael McNamee, Director of Engagement, Alumni & Friends


Emily Wilson

Emily Wilson, Director of Annual Giving