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This American Life, episode 492: “Dr. Gilmer and Mr Hyde”

A doctor named Benjamin Gilmer gets a job at a rural clinic in North Carolina. He’s replaced another doctor named Gilmer – Dr. Vince Gilmer – who went to prison after killing his own father. But the more Benjamin’s patients tell him about the other Dr. Gilmer, the more confused he becomes. Everyone loved Vince Gilmer. So Benjamin starts digging around, trying to understand how a good man can seemingly turn bad. Sarah Koenig reports. Listen here.

People Magazine (3 March 2022): “After a Beloved Small-Town Doctor Murdered His Own Father, the Clinic’s New Doc Solved the Mystery of Why”

What began as an odd coincidence — the two doctors share the same surname but aren’t related — turned into an unlikely friendship and a fight to free a killer from prison. Read the article here.